The London Underground is amazingly good!

Yo, I'm back.

I've been using the London underground a lot lately. Yep... you guessed it, it's shit. Man they don't even bother to clean the freakin trains -- covered in black dust. How many fucking signal failures can one underground system have! Happpens all the freakin time! How many times do esculators/lifts breakdown! I know it's old, but surely there has been sufficient time to frickin solve these problems. Where on Earth does all that money go. It's so expensive to use, and yet a piss poor service where trains often stop and start between stations. I am bias, cus I have used the underground systems of the following countries: Denmark, Japan, HK, Germany. Lovely modern systems with masses of investment, that shit on our system from a great height.
The people on the underground suck ass too. Fucking tutting and hmphing at the slightest thing. Huge fucking luggage running over your feet as people panic to get off at their stop. People stopping suddenly when they rush onto a train before the doors close, fuck those behind also trying to get on! People staring. Music players/head phones being a real ass stinger. Always a certain type of music as well. Always a certain type of asshole. Oh the varieties of asshole.



Scum Alan Steel is finally punished somewhat after 17 fuckin convictions!

Heroin user Alan Steel, age 26, killed a dinner lady walking home in a hit and run incident, last September. Her young daughter was also hit and lost a leg. He was reported to be driving like a complete maniac at the time in a uninsured jeep-style vehicle.
My question is: Why the utter fuck did he get through 17 motoring convictions before the inevitable was allowed to happen? The human shitball should have been incarcerated years ago! So soft. The Judge gave him an indefinite sentence, but also said he must serve a min of 5 years?!?! The law is clear like that. So even after all this Steel will most likely drive again before he dies, and may he live a short life.
17 fucking convictions. I don't get it.



Council Tax idiots

A friend of mine received a council tax bill for £2000 recently. It covered 2 years of no payments for her address. She is a university student, and has phoned 3 times and also emailed twice requesting the proof of full-time education form. Nothing was ever sent, so she presumed it was just normal British inefficiency and that it would turn up someday, and forgot about it.
5 requests for the fucking FORM! What a complete mess they are in. The £2000 bill also included a court order. So she phoned up and waited 20 minutes to speak to some dumb fuck who did not apologise once on behalf of the wretched ill-run system she works for. In fact this lady could not explain anything and sounded miserable as sin, not to mention a bit well... thick. What a mess. What a pathetic system. Can someone just make me rich so I can get the fuck out of this country. I wanna be an outsider laughing at the stupid British people. Ok, there are some totally lovely people in the UK, but they sit there and tolerate so much crap I do not know. I mean the money-sucking Government's solution to everything is charges and fines.



RIP Mr ap Rhys Pryce. His killers Scum Donnel Carty and Scum Delano Brown are jailed for a moderate period of time.

"He was true to his nature. He was not going to let two youths rob him in the street where he lived. He was stabbed with a knife.
"That caused immense suffering. You have shown no remorse as yet. I can only hope that in the future you will have some glimpse of how dreadful your crime was and the suffering you have caused."
Yeah i hope they think about what they have done when they are not watching TV, playing video games, having a laugh with other scumbags, taking easily accessible drugs, working out, acting hard, eating 3 good meals a day etc.



The horrific killing of Ms Chung

This is truly terrible. These evil sick bastards must be punished severely, preferably tortured and killed. They should have no rights now.
BBC: Ms Chung was six stone and had a heart condition, which shows the callousness of those responsible," he said.
"These people, we believe, not content with a murdering an innocent lady have gone on to terrify and assault a man and his children in his own home.
"This is a crime committed by men without honour or decency."



Spitting chav bitch

On the way home I heard the sound of a woman running in high heels. My eyes followed her a short while, until I was distracted by the sound of some chav girls swearing and generally pissing around. They were above the running lady on a ramp. One of them, dressed in a horrid pink tracksuit, proceeded to attempt to spit on the running lady in her suit below. I think she missed. I hope she did. She made 2 attempts. The lady in the suit was rushing and did not seem aware of them.
After constraining myself from not killing the spitting chav bitch with the nearest bludgeoning object I could find, I thought why? Why the very fuck did she just do that? Was it supposed to be funny? Sometimes I don't know if I can control this hate for these kinds of filthy people. I think she should be placed in a deep pit for 24 hours and everyone passing by can read a sign telling of what she has done and all are free to spit, piss, shit and puke upon her. Glory to the good.



More problems with punishment in the weak UK

If you speed and kill someone by hit and run you get a short custodial sentence. You drive a car illegally/speed/drink and drive, but not kill anyone then you get a fine. So you actually have to kill someone to get anything near real punishment. The potential to kill is ok it seems; no big deal. If the punishment is proportional to the potential to kill and the potential consequences of actions then I think this would be a serious deterrant to fuckers everywhere.
Same with guns and knives. There is a potential to kill/cripple by just carrying it around with you.
You get caught using a mobile phone when driving the fine (in the midlands) is £30. Now the person driving and talking on a hand-held phone knows there is little chance of being caught, and even if they are it's not big deal; 30 squids. You up that fine to £500-£1000 plus a short-ish ban from driving, then we will see a difference. I conclude with: fuck our weak laws sideways.



Hit and run killers should be kicked to death by teenagers

Her crushed and broken body was left with a black tyre mark across it. Her dad hopelessly tried to revive her, while her mum lay meters away critically injured. Somehow the mother survived and remains in a wheelchair one year later. This family is destroyed. But because the unqualified driver accidently got into this car and accidently ran off on foot after grinding young Charlotte Adams under his mud-stuck wheel he was given just 5 years, and no doubt he will not do all 5. He also received another 2 years for a string of robberies before and after the killing. Taking a look at his photo in the paper he actually looks like an evil fucker; they always do. When you drive a car illegally, be a known robber and then hit and run well I think 'accident' should be removed from the equation. His driving was fucking awful.
So, upon Amoah's release, I propose that we get say 20 happy slapping under 15 dickboys/girls to kick him to death. And since these youngsters are above the law they will only get a month each in a detention centre. In fact they won't be able to prove who gave the killing stomp. The kids will have themselves a time in the detention centre with all their pals and away from their shitty broken home and trashy estate. It's ok poor old Amoah the world does not need you. What a sorrowful state of affairs this has been. Curse all those fuckers out there who think they own the roads, and can walk all over our laws endangering innocents.



World of Warcraft Players Wear Hugo Boss!

My idea of stereotypical World Of Warcraft players: they have mundane jobs, probably of a clerical/office nature for which they have no passion. Once the working day is over they rush home to hit the PC. They leave the accumulating washing up until the weekend and probably never freekin vacuum their rented accommodation. Nerdy, male and pale. I want to be proven wrong! I happen to think, after trying the free 14-day trail, it's great fun especially team based stuff with other human players in this hugely open fantastical world of pure escapism. Most GQ readers won't go near it I presume! But, do lawyers and doctors play it? Do professionals play it even just a bit? Do they toss aside their Hugo Boss suit, shove their Waitrose ready-made meal in the microwave and make a direct run for their PC after work? I dunno! I just wanna know if professionals play it! Leave a comment if you know someone!



British TV documentaries. The Damilola killers.

There are so many documentaries, like dispatches, that uncover terrible things in our society and within institutions. Massive corruption, indifference and suffering. Yes we watch the programs and think oh how awful. The perpetrators at the end of the program apologise for whatever major flaw was revealed usually with some written statement, and the media scope moves on. All is forgotton within a few weeks. Maybe that spied-on individual institution is given a sharp kick, but I bet they gradually return to how shit it was originally. The media got what it wanted: good viewing figures – we all love controversy. Of course there is passion in the media too but with weak government and a highly tolerant society (the people) not a lot really fucking happens that is gonna make a significant difference. Too many factors. The Japanese film 'Ikiru' speaks so much.
Onto some recent news: The Damilola killers, Danny and Rickie Preddie, got a pretty pathetic sentence today. The Judge spoke of how they showed no regret or remorse. One of them showed defiance. Mr Taylor, the father of Damilola, said: "From the outset this case has been a catalogue of failures - failure by the system to keep young people in school and off the streets, failure to prevent them from committing crime and failure by their mentors to give good direction and failure by the authorities to catch them sooner."
The jury heard they had convictions for robbery, some at knifepoint, and witnesses claimed the brothers had confessed to the killing some time ago. DNA evidence got them in the end. The BBC believes they may be out after just 3 years of youth custody. How can this be so? It is truly unbelievable and I feel so sorry for the dignified parents who have waited so long for so little.
May Danny and Rickie Preddie fall on spikes.



It does not add up. Hate crime verses violent crime.

The racist Neil Martin who posted obscene comments on a website in the memory of black teenager Anthony Walker was given almost 3 years in prison. He also got 6 months for child pornography. Now Martin clearly is an evil shitbag, but this does not seem to add up. You can stab someone and get considerably less than this. Teenagers can beat and kill middle aged men and get less than this. You can be drunk and in a stolen vehicle, kill some promising young person and get less than this.
Now let me be clear: 3 years for this hate crime is fine, but if you get 3 years for this then I want to see 10-20 years for stabbing someone (but not killing) and 20 for the teenage killer and 20 for the drunk vehicle-thief killer. It makes sense! Logic must dictate. Words cannot harm people, especially so clearly immature and stupid-sounding, but stabbing can; which I'm pretty sure really fucking hurts and with that rather nasty possible side effect of death too.
The law is an ass.



X Factor

I have never heard so many sing the same. It's always this R & B style with the attempt at the powerful voice with occasional wavering for effect, but I think this wavering of the voice is awful. These voices are not easy on the ears. Very rarely their is a distinct voice and act.
And it is sooo horrible seeing people beg, as they would beg for their lives, for that chance; that dream as they always call it, for the opportunity to be famous. The ultimate get rich quick scheme. I tell you, if you see a wealthy posh guy on the show you know he can sing. X Factor is glorious shite for the masses.



29 Reasons to Quit Britain

1. The most cited reason for those leaving is taxation. You will pay at least 25% providing you work: this includes NI, Income tax and council tax. However, on top of that rising water, gas and electricity bills, mortgages/rent, car tax, pension, insurance, VAT etc. I'm surprised we have any money to spend at all. You finally reach that £33,000 salary after years of trying to find that you lose over £13,000 to income tax alone. Yes you reach that threshold of 33,000 and bam!... your ass is fucked – tax is 40%. http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/rates/it.htm. And what do we get for all this tax. Widespread inadequate services, an easily abused welfare state and a big fat army.
2. We have the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Europe, yet liberal reality TV will follow around a rare capable teenage mum (who actually is oddly well-spoken and competent) and then claims that we all have a wrong and harsh view on teenage mothers, as she has a little cry for the camera, and that it is so hard for the poor (dumb and naive) things. Fuck that shit too. They bring nothing but shame to themselves, their family and this country. But, this government will pay them to ensure they continue their education. Let me the fuck out of here.
3. Chavs, yobs, scum. Anyone who thinks they have the right to be above the law. The country has it all. A constant flow of stories about respectable old men defending their rights and possessions from yobs only to end up dead or disabled. Read below for plenty of hate for these undesirables. This government is obsessed with not punishing young offenders.
4. Services. So many miserable and dumb customer service providers. Yes your job is shite, but must I be made to feel shit too. Crap training too. M & S is a little better, though not much... and a little annoying when I find myself listening to some pleb workers moaning about their manager and gossiping about the people they work with as I am shopping nearby (thinking fuck me that apple is expensive... it's a freaking apple people). WH Smith: Did that miserable bitch just slam my stupid liberal Economist magazine down?
5. Trains. A service deserving it's own number. See below for plenty of hate here too. The peak travel fares are absolutely stupid. They even got rid of the early off peak (around 5am) replacing it with an on-peak in order to make extra profit and fuck their customers, who would rather accept the inconvenience of arriving too early in London rather than pay on peak. I guess too many were doing this.
6. The British work attitude. See http://boscouk.blogspot.com/2006/05/typical-british-work-attitude.html
7. Queuing. I getting so sick of this. One service point. Just one! Why God why? Sweet mercy.
8. Terrible lack of punishment: again look around my site... I have written loads below about this little number. Ineffective small fines rather than real punishment. It seems punishment in the UK is about getting more money in to try and help clean up all the other problems... like the NHS and good equipment for soldiers.
9. Kids leaving school failures. They can't write, spell or even read properly. Employers are in despair. What a pile of fucking rubbish our state education system must be. And what a pile of rubbish the parents are for not noticing their children are as thick as pig shit and factory/gangs/crime-bound.
10. The NHS: it seems that a large proportion of nurses and healthcare staff smoke. Well ain't that just something. Also you are teated like cattle and it stinks. Massively inefficient. Worrying levels of incompetence. It has always had the potential to be great, but alas, it never will be now.
11. Crime statistics. Yes but what about the stuff the police never even notice.
12. Political correctness.
13. Bowing to all religions. No...stop it. All religion is primitive. I get very uncomfortable around anyone religious. It should be confined to the history books when people were less able to understand the world around them, and burnt folk cus they thought they were witches.
14. Reality TV. In fact British TV is just shitty now. Wife swap, cameras following around bad parents, big brother, love island, fat people getting naked. Utter bollocks. More news and more documentaries and more cool TV dramas. In fact reduce it, we have the internet now.
15. The Independent. How do they manage to create so many bleeding heart front pages.
16. Grafitti and primitive littering. Britain has more than it's fair share of both.
17. Prisons and the corruption within – how else are all those drugs getting in? The Government fear of building more prisons annoys me too. Build more damn it and make punishment harsh and prolonged and scumballs will actually fear these prison things. Take away TVs.
18. British food is shite and restaurants are stupidly expensive.
19. Home office have little control over immigration, both legal and illegal. We won't forget the mistakes that have been made. Well those of us that choose to stay. It seems most Brits once they somehow achieve sufficient savings, piss off.
20. University cost and debt.
21. People with boom box cars. You seen them...driving slowly around city centres we no obvious destination. Just cruising and unleashing their utterly shit music on us all. Police walk by as if they don't exist. Sometimes the windows are blacked out, so how you supposed to know if they are using a mobile phone or doing drugs. Now this is the only reason I would justify the police being able to carry around rocket launchers.
22. Where the fuck have all these guns come from? Drugs too. What the fuck? Gun shops and air rifles...get rid of them all for Shit's sake and create very very harsh punishment for anyone found with a gun.
23. Speeding bastards.
24. Animal rights fanatics.
25. Disgusting public/workplace toilets.
26. Workplace cleaners that don't actually clean much at all, and quite often talk to themselves.
27. High up executives/managers that actually do little effective, but are adept at talking bollocks around the table and accepting lots of money.
28. Terrible stock keeping. Ya wanna buy a laptop from PC World or Currys. Browsing the display models. Find two ya like. Talk to a member of staff who explains that this particular laptop is a good choice and takes you to start the laborious paperwork, only to say those all too frequent words: 'It's not in stock, but we can order it for you'. FUCK ME! Why why fucking WHY? Why has the laptop not got a sign on it saying 'out of stock'. All nearby stores out of stock too. Both models out of stock. Completely fucking useless.
29. One of the highest rates of road deaths per year in Europe.
30. Recent-ish TV obsession with having female sports news presenters, especially football. Yes a few womenfolk like footy, but most could not give 2 shits and would rather go shopping.
Yes, I'm a negative bastard but this country made me this way! There is some good stuff about Britain and some great people, but mostly being in this country is not good enough, damn it.
Expect updates soon.



Another reason to hate reality TV

Here is one of the latest shows to pop up on UK TV. Get a bunch of boy racers and turn them into rally car racers in attempt to get them off the streets endangering fellow human beings. A worthy endeavour methinks. Not really. These boys will not be punished. They go out at night when the roads are quiet (and visibility poor) and race each other. Now I don't care if THEY crash and burn, but what about people's cats, drunk folks round corners, even folks just not fully alert coming back from the 24-7 store who may just get in front of these speeding bastards; what about other night traffic. It's fucking illegal and so they should be punished... but no instead people make money with a stupid TV show where punishment is out the window, in fact reward is given... letting them play with nifty rally cars instead. OK fair enough introduce them to rally cars on tracks in order to try and sort them out, but first a good kicking and a prison sentence is in order.



Virgin Trains

Virgin trains are the best we got, and I use them quite often. Just two little things: firstly they need to tell their rubbish collectors to fucking be polite or piss off. It's a shit job I know, but that does not mean others who have paid a lot of money for their little seat deserve such unpleasant attitude.
Secondly do they have to announce that the train arrived on time. It's as if the driver is saying, 'Fuck me we actually made it on time guys.Whooooaaaa. First time this week! I deserve a bonus!' The train should always arrive on time. If it's late then yes, bow before me, thrust a sword through your stomach, but say nothing if the train arrives as it should.



British Judges are too soft and adore those little pink fairies in twinkle twinkle doo dar land.

So why are our judges so soft? I have the answer. Most went to private schools which is fair enough. I don't have a problem with that. However, if all these soft judges named in the Shitty Sun's 'War Against Soft Judges' campaign had grown up in council estates then you could scrub the 'soft' out and replace with the Independent's 'War Against Fucking Hardcore Civil Liberty Busting Judges From Hell'. Maybe some of them should spend a month or two living in some of our less desirable estates. These judges live in wealthy city areas or rural homes that no nothing of crime, and are highly liberal happy happy folk living in a Cuckoo Land where pretty fairies in skimpy pink skirts (mmmm) skip and dance with the gnome people.
I admit I don't know much about how our independent judiciary works. I do know that if someone admits they are guilty early on in the court proceedings he or she has a considerable reduction in their sentence. I don't agree with that. I just don't agree with all this pissing around to reduce the sentence, like the criminal showing remorse. You do something evil, you get punished and punished hard. Simple and effective.
Step forward Judge Fuckmaster:
You raped a baby... ok 500 years. You accidently run over a college girl after a few drinks and in a stolen car... ok 25 years with daily beatings. You were found carrying a deadly knife... ok 10 years. You looked at me funny...5 years plus a slap. You young man played your shit boom boom music too loudly in your veeehicle... 2 years plus the destruction of your vehicle and the beating of your mum for being a shit mum. Give me some attitude now big boy. This is me fucking your eyeball out... ok that's enough.



The media may be indirectly responsible for the next terrorist attack

Ok fair enough, it looks like the police got it wrong again...probably (though I am finding it hard to believe that these two brothers are all of a sudden the perfect Britain-adoring citizens, according to them, their speakers and the media – I think I have already outlined in this pointless blog that Britain is shit). Consequently the media have gone crazy and all guns are out for the police involved. On the other hand, how crazy would the media be if a bomb went off in a crowded area... but alas it had remained undetected by the police. But wait there is more to this possible future scenario: The police had some intelligence on this terror act before it happened, but, in fact, restrained themselves somewhat due to the fear of another media outcry and further embarrassment. There was evidence, but they just missed it due to holding back that little bit extra under potential media scrutiny and pressure. Hopefully, this will never be the case – hopefully the police will tell the ball sucking side of the media to piss off and keep up their pressure, at least as a deterrant for any potential mass murdering bastards out there seeking virgins in paradise. Sure some innocents will have to experience discomfort in police custody, but better they than the deaths of many innocents in one foul explosion.



Very recent violent crime and stabbings in the UK

All these headlines are taken from the BBC England News section today. Maybe the media is just concentrating on stabbings more due to the current public awareness, but, still, it's extremely concerning and fucking disgusting.
1. Teenagers wounded in shooting
Police in Manchester say a 13-year-old and 15-year-old are in hospital with serious injuries.
2. Man 'critical' following assault
A man is in a critical condition in hospital after he was assaulted. The victim is believed to have been attacked just after midnight in Hornsey Road, north London.
3. Girl, 16, charged with stab death
A 16-year-old girl has appeared in court charged with murdering a woman behind flats in south-east London.
4. Man dies in pub stabbing
A man has died in a suspected stabbing incident in a pub. Police were called to the Wisbech Arms in Exchange Square, Wisbech, on Saturday night after reports of a disturbance at the pub.
5. Pregnant driver crashes in chase
A pregnant woman is recovering after her car crashed into a wall and burst into flames as she was being followed by two men on Friday evening. The 32-year-old woman was with her son, aged 10, when the two men followed her in a car through Colchester, Essex, sounding their horn and shouting.
6. Family tribute to stabbed father
A father who was stabbed to death in a Birmingham street has been described as "gentle and fun-loving" by his widow. Marlvin Jiro, 26, from Handsworth, died during an "altercation" with three men in the early hours of Bank Holiday Monday in Howard Street, Hockley.
7. Six held after stabbed man dies
8. Two critically ill after stabbing
Two men are critically ill in hospital after being stabbed during an incident in Taunton early on Saturday.
9. Two men treated for stab wounds
Police are investigating possible links between two men who have suffered knife wounds in Bristol.
10. Man is killed in double shooting
A man has died and another was seriously injured when shots were fired into a car in Sheffield.



The typical British work attitude

Ahh fuck me. Why does Jack get all the overtime offers? Why does the boss always get to leave early? Just in and out as he pleases. It's so crap here and so boring... I have no passion for this shit. I hate my company. They pay me fuck all. I'm so hard done by. I'm just gonna surf the internet. Thank God I got this wall facing PC screen.
I mean sure I've been here 10 years and have had plenty of opportunity to search for a better job or even start a career, maybe even take a course or two or really shine at my work to further my career, but well... I could not be bothered. So, I'll just continue to moan to my colleagues about everything and everyone and occasionally stir up some shit near the drinks machine gossip area and never actually work even slightly hard for my company, but I will be clever enough to create the impression that I am overworked, struggling to meet deadines and that we are understaffed etc.
And so companies across Britain suffer and rot, the economy struggles and taxes increase. Whoooo go the British workforce.
This also explains why when you order a parcel from far far away it can travel half the world in a day or two, but will be sat in an East Midlands storage/sorting area for days more. Fuck you in the ass DHL.
Oh and Jack gets the lucrative overtime cus Jack fucking tries.



Dickboy yob throws boiling water over girl and is let off

In the Daily Mirror today: A schoolgirl suffered horrific burns when some dickboy decided he would take a water pistol fight further. The dickboy was losing so he told the others he was going to get some boiling water; he added a tiny amount of cold water and poured it over the girl. The girl now has horrendous burn scars all over her back. The boy was let off for showing great remorse and that he clearly did not realise such harm could come from this. What the utter fuck! Clearly he is too stupid to live. Dickboy should be jailed for being that thick. Very hot water + skin = very bad. Did his parents never find time to teach him that. God give me strength... etc.



Foreign criminals

I'm walking down the street when suddenly I'm attacked by a man from Africa. He was supposed to be deported for previous violent crimes a few months back but it was decided he would be at risk of possible torture and murder in his country of origin. So as the knife enters me a fourth time, I smile and say 'it's ok mate, can't be having you being sent back... you enjoy your life here...ugh... can you tell my mum and kids I love them...ugh'
Okay, that's an extreme example, but it makes a point, dammit. A fair few good people would be alive today if we were just more consistant and strict with deporting foreign criminals, who can never succeed in this country no matter how much we spend on finding them property and some shitty cleaning job. I mean, fuck me sideways, we have enough of our own inhuman criminals to worry about.



The most lenient justice system in the Western world

Some people say we have the most lenient justice system in the Western world. I am inclined to agree. We also have the most stupid justice system in the whole world. In the Mail on the 26th April there was a story telling of a teenager who left a man with permanent brain damage after smacking him about the head with a wooden fence post complete with jutting out nails. The victim was John Wilson, 44, who now requires 24/7 care for the rest of his life. He will never work again. Wilson simply confronted the youth and his friends about why they were throwing stones at his house.
Brain damage is a kind of death, where the victim does not recognise those around him and suffers a massive reduction in mental ability and physical ability. It is a truly horrible thing. Wainwright admitted causing grievous bodily harm with intent: this is usually a pretty severe sentence (well severe being moderate in this country even for adults)... but wait... oh but he is only 16... still just a cute little kid...ahhh fuck that 44 year old victim. The poor kid...he clearly needs help. Quick someone buy him one of those xbox 360s... damn that man for getting in the way of the poor childs bit of wood. Yep... you got it, he got 6 months in special detention plus 6 months community service. Utter Ballsack crap.
Norman Brennan, director of the Victims of Crime Trust said: 'Another day, another crime, another life destroyed and a sentence that nowhere near reflects the crime. We have a criminal justice system in crisis.' What a great guy, someone give him a medal for that; shame no one listens.
So, now we turn to the lawyer jailed for filming up skirts. This story is taken from the Metro (April 28th). This guy liked to film up girls skirts in supermarkets. He hid a video camera in his sports bag. He also was found with some child pornography pictures on his computer and dodgy camera video footage of children in public; including a 14 year old girl in a leisure centre, where he zoomed in on her crotch. The story never mentioned this pervert harmed any girls, or touched them... though maybe that was where he was heading.
So, the judge gave him 3 years and nine months in prison. Now this lawyer guy is obviously pretty sick. Though, he also clearly needs psychological care, which I presume he is getting alongside being in a cell. However, how can he get so much more than the life destroyer Wainwright. Something does not add up. Youths have killed and got less actual time in prison than this. Drivers drunk, speeding and in stolen vehicles who kill some promising young university student get much less than this. Wainwright should have received at least 10 hard years.

Also of interest, a few days later, in the same free daily someone wrote in:'...there hasn't been a new prison build scheme in Britain for more than 20 years. If, however, we built more spacious modern and better equipped prisons, criminals could serve the full length of their sentences (and hopefully be rehabilitated) rather than being released early to reoffend. If this was done in the longer term, the prison pop would be reduced'



Youth scum

I hate it when the media quote police figures and opinion about youth crime. Like the headmaster who denies a bullying problem, after a student suicide, because he or she does not want the school to look bad, the police will happily manipulate figures to cover their asses and say there is reduction in youth crime here, less violent crime there. However it is meaningless because I'm pretty certain most low level and some high level youth crime goes completely undetected by the police. People believe the police will do very little and fear the consequences if they report the offenders, who will not receive adequate punishment anyway. I hate hearing youths talking of nothing to do. That is NEVER an excuse to harm others and damage public property. Older generations had very little to do as they grew up, but they felt no need to piss off others and resent all authority (I will not listen to people who say we have always had youth crime, never have we to this nasty and violent extent). In fact, there is more than ever to do now, with and without the green.
And if the fear of crime is indeed being exaggerated somewhat by the uncomfortable public (especially the elderly) then we need to civilise these barbarian, spotty, whining kids that are creating this fear, and deal with the real offenders much more harshly. Teach them the necessity of manners and respect for your elders and authority and phone boxes (I always kinda like the idea of compulsory citizenship classes with application of iron bars to those who don't bow down in humble respect... heh heh). Maybe even we can get them reading a fucking book or two, dammit, the thick bastards.
Seriously, I guess there are two approaches: Firstly, increase punishment and create a real fear of consequence supported by why the fuck they must fear it in the form of citizenship classes for all. These classes can be taught by the elite of the best teachers with epic balls (maybe we can get them from the army after extensive training) with the sole purpose of turning kids into good citizens. Making them see the world in a better way. The second approach would be to bow before them, understand them and nourish them and spend money to improve facilities in their areas and hey maybe pay them to fucking go to school and have kids at 16...arrrghhh noooo fuck that liberal sweaty ballsack crap......yeeearrrgh......ahem.



Copenhagen: to the point

I just got back from a weekend in Copenhagen. Like the Time Out guide states, it really is like a giant middle class. Everyone is impeccably dressed in dark conservative colours. With wealth comes fur-clad ladies, many design and fashion shops and stupidly expensive restaurants, oh and a great number of proud statues. The streets are clean. Bikes are highly popular. You see bikes everywhere; not just in special bike parks but against lamp posts and buildings. Never secured with a chain. An unnecessary investment for a civilised, advanced people where crime is damn near non-existent.
The train from the massively impressive and super-modern airport to Copenhagen central station was fantastic. Wonderfully clean, spacious and smooth-running. The seats were practically sofas. The railways tracks and grass banks leading up from the tracks were litter and beer can free (though a significant amount of graffiti). In the UK obviously many primitive Brits litter and the councils are far too stubborn and unwilling to clean up. The private railway companies... no way will/can they invest in regular clean-ups.
Over 25% of Danes have a degree making them one of the most educated people in the world, and it seemed all spoke English. They are also one of the most good-looking people of the world. The men and women can be strikingly handsome and refined. There is in fact a distinct lack of ugly people, fat people, chavs and 'ganstas'. Some of the tall blond women, riding past on their bikes, are simply stunning. They are not an outwardly friendly people; in fact, service providers can be quite direct. However, they are also very controlled and relaxed going about their business, something I realised at the airport. Some Brits tend to be frantic at the airport with big manly mothers bawling at their dumb husbands and sprawling ill-mannered shits... er I mean children (I know, harsh perhaps) as they piss off to the rest of the world they intend to explore in their life-time: being Spain.
Denmark has a small population, so mayhaps this is why crime is low and wealth and order is high. However, there are countries with low populations who are not successful, and then there is Japan, a country with a very high population density, but low crime and a dominating middle class. So, it would seem it is down to the people themselves; something intrinsic. It is also worth noting both these examples are quite closed countries.



In the news recently – Britain: it's like eating a pie full of shit with sharp blades interspersed

Various information I obtained from the papers recently.
Mick Philpott is a twat. He is a father of 13 with a wife and a girlfriend who wants his Derby Council to pay for a bigger house for all his sprawling sproglets. At least 8 of the children are always there, with others staying over occasionally at the four bedroom council house. When it gets too much poor Mick, who does not work, has to sleep in the tent in the garden. They claim £2000 a month in benefits. The council said they will have a long wait, if they want a bigger house on the free. What did poor Mick Phillpott have to say to that – 'I think this country is going down the pan'. The fucker. How dare he. I say that, not him. He is one of many reasons why this country is going down the freakin' pan. This is the problem with too much liberty... twats like this can have lots of sprogs, who will seriously lack attention and grow up in crowded and unhealthy conditions, and claim loads of green and not have to lift a finger in the world of decent hard working people. We need laws on this. Two/three sprogs max if you cannot demonstrate competence, unwillingness to suckle from the state's tit and especially if your, deep down, just using your kids as a way out of the real world where people fucking try. If they have the right to pop out as many kids as they want and then to claim stupid amounts of benefits, I want the right to know my taxes are not going to be paying for this irresponsible shit. I also want the right not to walk around town and encounter shitty insulting youths, whose indifferent parents have pissed off their duty to bring up good citizens. Rights...haha ya can manipulate them how you want in theory. You can pull a right out your arse.
Teenage mums – we have the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in Europe because it's shite here in the UK. The Mirror on Monday 13th published a story about these kids having babies. Laura – mother at 15 – said she met her son's dad in a nightclub. 'I liked him because he offered to buy me vodka'. She also said 'Until I'm 16 I can't get the benefits other people do. I've had to stop the drinking and cut the fags.' Well...shit.
The Government is spending millions on projects to hopelessly reduce this shameful problem. Some are paid money (£30 a week) to complete their GCSEs. Giving them money, for something they should be brought up to believe is crucially important in the first place, is not productive at all. It just brings more shame. We had to give kids money to get an incentive for education. Fuck that up the arse.
On Tuesday night I watched a documentary, with ever growing dismay, called Drunk and Dangerous on BBC1. It followed police forces at various different locations in Britain and showed the state of our 24 hour drinking fest. It is so horrendously pathetic and degrading to see some of these people. These men and women just love to wind-up the police, as they fall out the pubs and get plain nasty and violent. We also have the hooded 'gangsta' youths doing pistol shooting gestures to the officer's heads. Why fear authority... the worse they will get is a night in the cell and/or a small fine. They will be too pissed to worry about being in a cell anyway.
From the Times on Tuesday I learnt that the Government long ago lost control of the asylum system. The Home Office has lost track of 400 foreign national criminals released from Prison and thousands of other failed asylum seekers. If they commit a crime and get caught then they can be removed from the country (but it costs a bomb), oh and some poor sod has to be a victim to reveal them.
I don't know where all this will go...maybe anarchy one day. This underclass and this drinking culture just seems so embedded now. They have all fortified their positions and say a big fuck you to all authority and decent folk everywhere.



The UK – it's like eating a pie full of shit

A simple idea. I was wondering recently that many other countries on a similar economic level with the UK don't have an expensive NHS; don't have a large navy and an army with soldiers all over the world. This means these other countries must have more money to spend on internal affairs like greater government subsidy for TRAINS, for example. Our trains services are not getting the help, management and direction they need, they just rot. And how about more money for the pensioners who get so little compared to some other similar countries. For such a high tax country, SO MANY things are just not good enough! Where is this money going?
I get the impression these other quiet countries, like Sweden, Denmark and Japan, are putting everything that have into developing and moving forward, sorting out their own problems more so (eg higher and older population, crime, education and making life good and easier for their citizens). Whereas we prefer to act like we are still some glorious and powerful Empire that must look after countries that cannot look after themselves. It's a honourable thing to be an altruistic country but we must focus on ourselves more. The internal rot is everywhere and growing. Neglected estates boil with indignation.
And the NHS: an amazing achievement I know; it's just a shame it seems to be such a disorganised mess and that so many are forced to go private anyway, even if they cannot afford to. I guess what really grates is the fact we pay high taxes but still catch dirty, primitive, late trains; walk through shit-encrusted litter strewn streets; buy a chocolate bar from some miserable sod; avoid lowly ignorant youth and then get home to find our washing machine has broke down and getting someone to fix it quickly, without complication and not piss you off in any way is damn near impossible.



Weak punishment and the problem of speeding assholes

The fine for stealing goods worth up to £200 or causing £500 worth of property damage is the
standard and ineffective £80 fine, frequently dished out for drunken disorder. What the very FUCK? So who pays the rest... the poor victim. Even if he or she has insurance, it's still so much hassle and does nothing to sooth the anger and pain.

Another example of weak punishment this week: he was known to be speeding (48mph in a 30mph limit area) in a stolen car; he was known to not have insurance; he was known not to have a full driving licence. He failed to stop and failed to report an accident. He left a three year old girl dying in the road (she later died in hospital). But he prays for her every day...so hey it's ok they can just give him 12 pathetic weeks (the current maximum is 6 months, also pathetic). This insults me so much. I don't know the exact details, I've just extracted what I can from the shocked media. But if there is a solid explanation for this, then I would need to hear it.
There is some talk of changing the death by careless driving laws. It seems quite clear to me, that when a man (and it's always men) decides he is going to speed, whether to impress his mates or fill his worthless need to rebel or like in this case because he stole a fucking car, then he accepts right there and then that he has a much greater chance of hurting or killing someone. He takes the risk and should be ready for harsh consequences; only currently he will get very little in the way of punishment.
I witnessed a car speed through a city centre near me. There were people (well, except police people) everywhere. He did not slow down at the corner; clearly not knowing who was crossing beyond at that point. I would say his chances of killing someone were frighteningly high.
Another time when I was walking back from work, suddenly a car backed up at speed right in front of me from a small side road nestled between two terraced houses. Just a muddy side road leading down to a garage business. There is no way that man, with his music blaring, would have known if anyone was walking by on this significantly busy area near a university. What if a child had been there or a pedestrian simply deep in thought, slow to react.

What I have never understood is why cars are made with the capability to go so damn fast.

And what did he, Mr Hussain, get for stealing the car... 4 weeks.



Oh the poor poor children! Prison Reform idiot woman speaks.

Director of the Prison Reform Trust Juliette Lyon says children are being failed by the prison system and they invariably end up re-offending.
Cases where children needed to be restrained should be the "rarest of rare events", she told BBC News.
"Although children have behaved badly and some of them committed terrible crimes, although that is a minority, they're still children," she added.

Oh the poor poor children. Things are so bad for them. Oh we must run to their aid. Yeah, they sure are so vulnerable as they kick someone's teeth out. Why are they being restrained Julie Lyon? Think about that. Because they are not being good boys; they are being violent... hence restraint. What is the guard supposed to do, whip some pocket money out of his ass and send the youth on his merry way. 'Would you awfully mind going back to your cell...please....no please do stop kicking my head, if you don't mind, that is."

If the "children" don't like the way they are treated, then maybe they should not have been worthless assholes in the first place and got themselves banged up. And let's face it, you have to be pretty bad to get locked up in this soft-assed country. I hate the way these kind of people always use the word 'children'. A 17 year old youth is not a child. A 17 year old knows the difference between right or wrong. There are two choices in life: make something of yourself and contribute to this world in some tiny way, or be an asshole. Assholes need discipline and order, and sometimes restraint with a little force is all they understand. There must be serious consequences and severe punishment for all who constantly infringe on another's right to live in a civil land, whether this be as low as ignorant pathetic youths throwing stones at passers-by; idiots driving fast in stupidly loud boombox vehicles around populated areas; or the higher problems of violent drunks and gangs.



The Smoking Ban

So some people will not vote for the Government next election because they banned their precious little death sticks that they got all addicted to. Sad fools. Ahahahahahahah etc.

I look forward to the clean pubs and restaurants. Let's face it non-smoking areas were not too effective at keeping away smoke. I also look forward to returning home without my cloths and hair stinking of someone else's exhaled shite crud.

Blair... sometimes he is alright. But he still fears the blind crazy PC zealots and the ragingly liberal fanatics far too much. I suppose he knew the quiet and long suffering tolerant majority would be with him on this one.



Embrace ID cards you fools!

The paranoid people that are saying this is some sort of big brother operation being carried out by the Government make me want to scream in rage much like this: yeearruuurghhhhh! The Government know what they need anyway in most cases. ID cards just make it easier to deal with the more shadier individuals with plenty to hide; and the growing problems with identity fraud.

It is a convenient card. If you are over 18 but look younger and constantly get asked for ID when buying alcoholic drinks, then no need to be carrying around your comparatively bulkly passport or driving licence. Its usefulness will soon become apparent.

Many other countries use them in Europe and stand by them. They have proven essential in Hong Kong against illegal immigrants from the mainland. And with Britain standing out more so than many countries with ID cards as a target for terrorism, I think every little bit helps.


Chantelle is successful? Please...nooooooo! Whhhyyy? YaaaaauuurgghhH!

In today's Sun they have a double page article about Chantelle lookalikes. Chan-fucking-telle lookalikes! Sweet mother of mercy. God help my country.



Birmingham... where is your Glory?

Birmingham's landmark Bullring statue has been vandalised again. A youth was caught on CCTV but identifying him is near impossible thanks to that amazing tool – the hood.
You see, Birmingham, you can never be a world class city; you can never attract hordes of excitable rampaging tourists until you sort out the litter, the wretched youths and gangs and the mostly miserable and/or ill-trained customer service personnel (even in such big-name stores as Selfridges). No easy feat I know, and a problem faced by many cities in this crap country. Birmingham is NOT pleasant to walk around, no matter how many executive-style apartments and stupidly expensive restaurants you slam down near the centre, whilst leaving the outer areas to rot and fuel resentment. More and more kids will come crawling from their neglected lairs eager to deface that statue of a big bad-ass bull; pride of Brum.



Welcome to Britain

Once the Japanese have finished laughing when they see our "king" size prawns...the next thing they fall over with laughter about is our absolutely pathetic excuse for a train system. It is truly and utterly rubbish. Luckily they don't get to see these smaller stations covered in litter and general excrement.



Something rare

A real sentence for Damien Hanson, the man who killed the banker John Monckton. A minimum of 36 years the BBC story states. I hope that will indeed be the case, as it should always be.

However, this is a unique case because Hanson was released early from a previous violent incident, by an idiotic decision made by some cuckoo land freak. His chance of reoffending was known to be quite high. And so a father died, a mother almost died, a family wept and Hanson ended up back in prison with ample food.

Most murderers in this country will not receive such a worthy sentence.

"Wearing a balaclava and armed with a gun and a knife Hanson burst into the house, stabbing Mr Monckton in the heart and lung, and his wife twice in the back. "

"The sight which confronted the girl (their 9 year old daughter) is almost impossible to imagine but she is a very brave girl and at her mother's request she rang 999 and closed the front door and put on the chain."



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